Thread Local Charities

Making tomorrow better, today. 

You're clothing donations to TLC have conserved over 2,640, 000 gallons of water in 2023!

Who Are We?

As a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Thread Local Charities provides the people of Williamsburg, VA and surrounding areas with an alternative to the larger clothing donation organizations. All donated clothes are quickly sorted and distributed to our local community partners and local community members in need in an effort to reduce the amount of clothing that gets thrown away. This helps conserve enormous amounts of water, offsets the carbon footprint of your clothes, and reduces the use of fossil fuels. 

Why do we do what we do?

At some point, everyone needs help. We aim to get clean, quality clothing into peoples' hands quickly and easily. Emergencies happen; homes can burn, people lose jobs and exhaust savings, kids outgrow clothing and get bullied.  And if someone is experiencing a hardship, the last thing they need is a run-around. 

Whether the need for clothing is due to an emergency, a financial hardship, general well-being and confidence, or for an upcoming interview, Thread Local Charities is here to help. We are joining forces with new community partners every day so we can help people in their times of need. If you or someone you know needs help clothing themselves or their family, please contact us.  

Community Outreach

Thread Local Charities provides clothing to those who need it and we are consistently forming new alliances with fellow community organizations and stakeholders to extend our reach. Our ear is to the ground, so we can maximize our contribution to our community and the wonderful people who live here.  

Have you ever wondered where your donated clothes go?

When our founder found out just how little of her donated clothing actually went to someone in need, she saw it as a call to action and founded Thread Local Charities. The desire was to reduce fashion's toll on the environment by increasing the percentage of donated clothing that stays here in our community and out of the trash. When you donate your clothing to Thread Local Charities, you not only get a tax-deductible receipt but also the peace of mind knowing that you have made a direct and positive impact right here where we live.